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Post MS era

November 13, 2012

Continuing with the unfinished ideas in the post MS era with bad health..


My thesis presentation

October 16, 2012

Here is a copy of my thesis presentation:

thesis ppt

Public presentation done on 2oth Sept 2012, unfortunately I did not carry a camera with me to capture it 😦

The faculty presentation before the reviewers took place on 22nd Sept 2012 which was actually scheduled on 21st Sept 2012. It got scheduled because of heavy rain, traffic jam and minor brush with a small accident. The presentation was of very long duration for about 4 hours and there were some interesting observations in it. Reviewers were Dr.Vishal Garg and Dr.Anoop Namobodiri.

Thesis submitted and awaiting degree this convocation

October 11, 2012

Well the 3 years of MS in IIIT-H has been an interesting ride. There have been highs and lows through my research.  After years of effort I could contribute with some of the systems that I built.

sriranjan thesis revision2 with minor changes

The above thesis has been updated with reference of “Ishake” and “Wreckwatch” in the chapter of earth quake detection and crash detection using cell phones.

Hopefully I get my degree this convocation. Looking forward to the big day Nov 3rd.

Intergalatic gmail is more possible than one thinks..

March 12, 2012

I was listening to few talks by Dr.Michio Kaku. He said light waves or gravity cannot be used to achieve inter planetary communication but probably by using quantum entanglement two atoms can be made to vibrate in phase and then using atomic transistors one can translate this motion of quantum entanglement to sequence of bits at very high frequency. The interesting nature of quantum entanglement is that it has been experimentally proved and it can possible work over astronomical distances. What does thismean? This means that instantaneous inter planetary communication would be possible. One need not wait for the radio signal to reach a rover on mars and bounce back. Even at the speed of light one single command to move the rover could take about 13 to 20 minutes.


1)Is Quantum entanglement suitable for telepathy?

2) Why intergalactic gmail may not be possible..

3)Quantum entanglement

4)Atomic transistors


March 19, 2011

I think the way to understand nature is through experience of one’s life and recognizing the patterns in it. If we can formulate these patterns then we can understand the program of the nature at a better level.

Can we develop technology to minimize the damage done by a Tsunami?

March 12, 2011

Well if we measure ocean depth real time and be able to get the rhythm of the generated tsunami (the amplitude, speed, frequency, wave shape), then generate counteractive acoustic waves to dampen the oscillations, it might be possible to minimize the damage done. But then the question is can we build such high energy acoustic waves to dampen the tidal waves? (it is possible to show this on a small scale model). On the other hand building huge man made structures to with stand the tidal waves on the coast lines might be difficult given the limited resources. Tsunami prediction and warning systems will not give enough time for the people on the cost lines to go to a safer place.  The currently existing technologies can deliver high energy shock waves, but another question is can they be delivered in a calculated fashion so as to counter the massive amounts of tidal wave energy?

Health and Technology

March 4, 2011

Can we improve medical diagnosis in developing countries using super computers.. (YES..)

Watson Supercomputer /(The cloud) <-> The internet <-> remote medical diagnosis <-> healthier population <-> thus a better and Smarter planet..

Is it possible to achieve remote cognitive subconscious imaging..?

February 11, 2011


Handling Visual/Virtual fatigue while moving the mouse around the screen or while traversing the Hier-archial Folder tree structure..!!

February 10, 2011


An interesting question that came to my mind..

February 9, 2011

Can learning to simulate group conversations make robots behave more like humans? What could the behavior of robot mean..I think in one case it is how the robot interfaces with human (hmm..this an exciting new question of Human computer interface..)..Well one can design new interfaces to control robots in new ways..(like data gloves to control snake robots)..but this question can also be posed in the reverse manner (subject and object interchanged in the question just like camera being an opposite to a projector in an input output system metaphor..).