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Here is what I think about human life and pathogens

February 12, 2017

As per my experience and observation what I think is that the human body is meant to live longer than just 100-120 years (or the average 75 years). It is because the action of pathogens on the body (most of which go undetected) that the body ages and the cell die.Of course I am not a doctor or a clinical pathologist but this is my strong feeling. And may be I will become a doctor, do research to prove this point. Even the body color is (black, brown or white) is because of pathogens like bacteria and fungi. I lost my color from being fair to brown! Imagine if I am successful on this we could change the course of human life and never die or age or look ugly!

My psychiatric doctor completely ignores my other symptoms

February 5, 2017

The following symptoms are being experienced by me and my mother which I strongly suspect and feel is an late stage chronic lyme disease condition but my doctor is ignoring these symptoms even when I told him that all these started after a bug bit me.I was on pencillin drugs by the earlier doctor for 2 months when the symptoms decreased but flared back up.

1)Lyme disease leads to vision loss
2)Needs agressive treatment with the right antibiotics for a long period of time like from months to years.
3)Lyme disease can lead to weight gain as it effects metabolism
4)Lyme disease causes inflammation in brain and other parts where the bacteria is
5)Lyme disease generally does not give positive test results and it is through clinical diagnosis that it is known.
6)It also create neuro-psychiatric problems
7)It also leads to slowness of brain and permanent brain damage.
8)It also causes nerve endings damage due to which portions on the skin go numb and you cannot satisfy an itch by scratching the skin because of that nerve damage
9)It also resides in skin pores and needs an antibiotic soap for that.
10)It can lead to 2nd or 3rd order/degree heart attacks
11)It also has problems with memory, naming objects etc.
12)Antibiotics need to be tried and tested to see which one is more effective. Pencillin drugs work but they are slow.
13)Drug needs to enter cell wall and kill the bacteria.
14)I suspect long term last stage lyme disease with me and mom.
15)The bacteria spreads through contact like mites from tick/bug bites.
16)It mght also contain powsivann virus.
17)The symptoms due to lyme disease periodically flare up.
18)It also effects bones and causes arthiritis (bone density problem also)
19)It also leads to colocated infections which I had/have.

20)Feel extremely sleepy and have fatigue (I have been using Modalert tablet but now it works only on double dosage).

21)Late stage lyme disease intervenous medicine and it also affects the bones in the body.

I have correlated my symptoms with information from leading hospitals online. I with other symptoms. I just leave it to gods mercy or nature because the doctors here in India are not lyme literate. Could not find a doctor who can understand my symptoms and treat me.

Post MS era

November 13, 2012

Continuing with the unfinished ideas in the post MS era with bad health..

Health and Technology

March 4, 2011

Can we improve medical diagnosis in developing countries using super computers.. (YES..)

Watson Supercomputer /(The cloud) <-> The internet <-> remote medical diagnosis <-> healthier population <-> thus a better and Smarter planet..