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Leap surgical simulator with audio cue

August 12, 2013

In this update the minimally invasive surgical trainer uses an audio cue to help with better positioning and help with the dexterity training.


My thesis presentation

October 16, 2012

Here is a copy of my thesis presentation:

thesis ppt

Public presentation done on 2oth Sept 2012, unfortunately I did not carry a camera with me to capture it 😦

The faculty presentation before the reviewers took place on 22nd Sept 2012 which was actually scheduled on 21st Sept 2012. It got scheduled because of heavy rain, traffic jam and minor brush with a small accident. The presentation was of very long duration for about 4 hours and there were some interesting observations in it. Reviewers were Dr.Vishal Garg and Dr.Anoop Namobodiri.

Quake and Crash reporting system using cellphone’s Hardware meta data

April 11, 2012

earth quake and crash detection using cellphone- sriranjan rasakatla and nadeem saif

Road accident profile data in indian cities. (I think it is better to have a crash detection system in each automobile)-Added April 24th

Split interfaces for on screen keyboards

February 11, 2012

This particular experimental on screen virtual keyboard interface is for people with limited mobility (like the locked-in syndrome). This is to be used with he software cameramouse available at Different version of the split keyboard interface have been designed to suit for different head motion characteristics. The idea of this not being a standalone software is that one need not have the overhead of downloading and installing it. Just access the webpage and use it straight away. The keys have been made big especially to suit for mouse pointer positioning error. Also there is an interface to suggest pain areas.

For me it worked well with the software with dwell click enable with a dwell time of 1 to 1.5 seconds. One could change this as per their needs.

Link to on-screen keyboard

For laxman dusa (fondly known as Kaka in telugu by his friends) fighting with locked in syndrome (my dear senior at CBIT- 2001 batch)


The inspiring life of Michael Supa @ IBM.

Supa 1941- the IBM 100 professionals. Supa was a hero and he designed interfaces at IBM.

Camera mouse software from

My version of the sixth sense device ,I call it “Virtual Interactive Projected Surface”

November 27, 2009

This is my attempt to make a “Virtual Interactive Projected Surface”.Did the coding in flat two weeks.I did this even before Pranav mistry made his application open source.

Not to prove the originality of the idea but to prove that I can also build such things.HCI and robotics is exciting.Thanks to the research by Jeff Hann, Jhonny lee and Pranav mistry’s team.

With this system

  • one can paint onto any surface by drawing in Mid-air.
  • Play video games on any surface
  • Use your mobile phone on any surface
  • In palm projection (still under development)
  • Pick and place photos on your projected photo album as you naturally pic and place objects
  • Use google earth for GPS and weather info
  • Rotate and zoom pics or videos like the minority report interface
  • Windows can be operated in a multi-touch mode.

Better applications can be made with more time,effort and resources.Right now it is not as good as Pranav mistry’s device but this is my attempt.

In palm projection of cell-phone dialer app.

In palm projection of GPS app

Technical report here: