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Apne main parts black kyon hain (why are our main parts black???)

April 2, 2017

Always been wanting to post this. Most of the South Indian people have black skin (looks like dried up, charred skin) at the elbows and the knees. Why? And why are our pain parts black? Actually most of the fair foreigners (American, european,australian descent) have red colored skin in the areas of their body which is black for us. Again I am thinking fungal / TB infection in these areas. If we guys do oral sex our faces will go black because of the same infection that is infesting these areas which are black (especially the main parts).So should south indians do oral sex or not (is it safe for us?)

Fungal infection

April 2, 2017

Well, I got some infection in my groin when I was 12 years old (mostly fungal). Doctor gave me Candiderma and I used it periodically but it would not fully go away.It appears that it is still inside the body and needs oral meds. A new doctor I visited recently said generally at such age among children in India groin fungal infection is common. Well as per my experience it is just not on the skin but inside the body as well. I am getting the same itching on my lower abdomen which has not spread over the stomach area and itches. I thought fungal infections are only for people with compromised immunity (as per my internet knowledge). Even other doctor said that fungal and bacterial infections are common among Indians? (what the hell man!). What I observed is that when the body is under stress this infection spreads more and I am thinking if it reaches to the pancreas it would hit it hard that the pancreas would become unhealthy and this may lead to lesser production of natural insulin and thus diabetes.

Well because of pressure at home to reduce weight I would start dieting (mostly on water diet for a month) but then again this would mean less immunity while dieting and if it spread to pancreas then even though I would become slim I would be hit with diabetes. Some where I read fat cells offer immunity and if I cut fat the existing infection (yeah the one from my groin to stomach/lower abdomen) would lead to diabetes.

Some more observations in a later post!