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My health and the right diagnosis

January 31, 2017

In 2010 when I was staying in IIIT-H Hostel (Which I was forced to stay due to a rule) an insect bit me in my room.The insect bit me in my year. Soon after that I experienced ringing in my ear and difficulty in my head. I used to feel a minor discharge from my ear into the mouth which the doctor I showed that time ignored. After that I was diagnosed of mites/ticks and was giving permethrin by a skin doctor. Well these episode of something pricking my skin has never stopped and I get it at regular intervals of time especially my groin.I also have itch between my fingers some times. My mother also got the same thing from me.One might ask how but she washes my clothes and sets my bed sheets ,so through this she got it is what I believe. In 2013 I was diagnosed of psychiatric symptoms and was put on (Sulpitac, Pimide, Uvox, Sizodon plus, cloxipixal injections for 6 months as he said my psychosis needs these meds).I have other symptoms like nerve/muscle tingling which the doctor ignored. Some parts on my skin have gone numb and I cannot satisfy the itch on my skin by scratching (some said it is a nerve damage problem) but after 7 years of suffering I found that lyme disease which comes due to insect byte can also lead to neuro psychiatric problems. Recently my mother lost 70% of her vision and I think it is due to late stage lyme disease. (refer the link below)

I told my psychiatric specialist that this lyme disease explains all my symptoms including my mothers but he just ignored it saying your psychiatric dose has to be increased. The name of my psychiatric specialist is Dr.J.Mayurnath reddy and he consults in Yashoda somajiguda. He also diagnosed me of schizophrenia but many of my friends who spoke to me said it isn’t (it may have been for a few months but not now). So the doctor is not listening to me and decided to put me on more meds but if any of you educated people think that my argument is right then align this nature to help me solve it. More over I and my dad are finding it difficult to find the right word for objects these days. My dad says one object for another and this has been happening in my case as well. Few days ago I have been suffering form facial palasy.

Past 3 years I have not been able to sleep in my stomach as well. I kind of have this feeling of pressure in my stomach always that something would rupture or get cut in my abdomen and I get pain.(I am thinking since lyme disease causes inflamation ,it could be that and I also think my case is not the typical lyme disease case).