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LE-SUR surgical simulator using Leap in Action

April 15, 2013

More on the surgical sim…

April 13, 2013


Note: The joints motion and the joints in the robotic surgical arm in the simulator do not emulate the kind of motion that is found in the minimally invasive surgical system live the DaVinci but it will help users move their fingers dexterously and get used to such motion which is typical to the Da-Vinci System. One of the first robotic surgeons said that he got himself trained to it because he was fond of flying RC planes where the delicate and precise joystick control to manage the thrust, direction of the RC plane or Helicopter is crucial. The simulation system here mimics motion found in key hole surgery methods and laproscopic inspections. I think this will help young and novice surgeons to train themselves before they move onto Da-Vinci like systems. However Davinci system comes with a shadow mode which helps in training and I feel that most of the ailments should not come to the point that surgery is needed but are eradicated with one time meds.