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My thesis presentation

October 16, 2012

Here is a copy of my thesis presentation:

thesis ppt

Public presentation done on 2oth Sept 2012, unfortunately I did not carry a camera with me to capture it 😦

The faculty presentation before the reviewers took place on 22nd Sept 2012 which was actually scheduled on 21st Sept 2012. It got scheduled because of heavy rain, traffic jam and minor brush with a small accident. The presentation was of very long duration for about 4 hours and there were some interesting observations in it. Reviewers were Dr.Vishal Garg and Dr.Anoop Namobodiri.


Thesis submitted and awaiting degree this convocation

October 11, 2012

Well the 3 years of MS in IIIT-H has been an interesting ride. There have been highs and lows through my research.  After years of effort I could contribute with some of the systems that I built.

sriranjan thesis revision2 with minor changes

The above thesis has been updated with reference of “Ishake” and “Wreckwatch” in the chapter of earth quake detection and crash detection using cell phones.

Hopefully I get my degree this convocation. Looking forward to the big day Nov 3rd.