Split interfaces for on screen keyboards

This particular experimental on screen virtual keyboard interface is for people with limited mobility (like the locked-in syndrome). This is to be used with he software cameramouse available at cameramouse.org. Different version of the split keyboard interface have been designed to suit for different head motion characteristics. The idea of this not being a standalone software is that one need not have the overhead of downloading and installing it. Just access the webpage and use it straight away. The keys have been made big especially to suit for mouse pointer positioning error. Also there is an interface to suggest pain areas.

For me it worked well with the cameramouse.org software with dwell click enable with a dwell time of 1 to 1.5 seconds. One could change this as per their needs.

Link to on-screen keyboard

For laxman dusa (fondly known as Kaka in telugu by his friends) fighting with locked in syndrome (my dear senior at CBIT- 2001 batch)


The inspiring life of Michael Supa @ IBM.

Supa 1941- the IBM 100 professionals. Supa was a hero and he designed interfaces at IBM.

Camera mouse software from Cameramouse.org


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