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March 19, 2011

I think the way to understand nature is through experience of one’s life and recognizing the patterns in it. If we can formulate these patterns then we can understand the program of the nature at a better level.


Can we develop technology to minimize the damage done by a Tsunami?

March 12, 2011

Well if we measure ocean depth real time and be able to get the rhythm of the generated tsunami (the amplitude, speed, frequency, wave shape), then generate counteractive acoustic waves to dampen the oscillations, it might be possible to minimize the damage done. But then the question is can we build such high energy acoustic waves to dampen the tidal waves? (it is possible to show this on a small scale model). On the other hand building huge man made structures to with stand the tidal waves on the coast lines might be difficult given the limited resources. Tsunami prediction and warning systems will not give enough time for the people on the cost lines to go to a safer place.  The currently existing technologies can deliver high energy shock waves, but another question is can they be delivered in a calculated fashion so as to counter the massive amounts of tidal wave energy?

Health and Technology

March 4, 2011

Can we improve medical diagnosis in developing countries using super computers.. (YES..)

Watson Supercomputer /(The cloud) <-> The internet <-> remote medical diagnosis <-> healthier population <-> thus a better and Smarter planet..