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Is it possible to achieve remote cognitive subconscious imaging..?

February 11, 2011



Handling Visual/Virtual fatigue while moving the mouse around the screen or while traversing the Hier-archial Folder tree structure..!!

February 10, 2011


An interesting question that came to my mind..

February 9, 2011

Can learning to simulate group conversations make robots behave more like humans? What could the behavior of robot mean..I think in one case it is how the robot interfaces with human (hmm..this an exciting new question of Human computer interface..)..Well one can design new interfaces to control robots in new ways..(like data gloves to control snake robots)..but this question can also be posed in the reverse manner (subject and object interchanged in the question just like camera being an opposite to a projector in an input output system metaphor..).

Movies and their base metaphors..

February 8, 2011

Every movie is metaphorically based on a real world metaphor..The author of the movie tries to take that real life experience and intelligently manifest it with a metaphor and presents us with the movie..I think realizing the base metaphor and connecting to it is when the movie is best understood..