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The Tree of Life

December 12, 2010

Here I use a tree as a symbolic metaphor to explain about life.

The Tree of Life


CHI Plant

December 12, 2010

Every person has an energy within and here is a painting done by me which symbolizes the “CHI within in” as an energy plant.

CHI plant: The energy within

The moon, the guy and the boat..

December 10, 2010

On a boat in the serene ocean lit with the moon light.. though you feel lost it might still be just beautiful (my painting of a guy in boat sailing towards the endless but a beautiful journey towards a soothing light flaunted by the ocean mist..)

The moon, the guy and the boat


December 10, 2010

O dear GOD..

Please get me into my dream place of research. Research in HCI and Robotics .. A researcher’s , a poet’s, an author’s mind is a microcosm in itself.. ( this is how I paint a researcher’s thoughts..)

picasa enhanced ..