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Muscle actuation measurement

January 31, 2010

Muscle actuation measurement using differential capacitance.

My design below.

Emotiv’s BCI is really interesting:



January 30, 2010

Lets bring creativity to life and build more robots.

Amphibious Snake module design

January 28, 2010

2DOF snake module controlled wirelessly using Xbee RF.

The above module can be controlled manually using a GUI from the laptop.Has a custom made Xbee RF USB-Serial transceiver.Also has a wireless camera in the head module which gives live video feed.The use of bellows in the design gives it a flexibility about the joint similar to the natural Snake.

Video here:

My second generation Snake module wireless from Sriranjan R on Vimeo.

Given below is an older design that I built prior to the above module.