My version of the sixth sense device ,I call it “Virtual Interactive Projected Surface”

This is my attempt to make a “Virtual Interactive Projected Surface”.Did the coding in flat two weeks.I did this even before Pranav mistry made his application open source.

Not to prove the originality of the idea but to prove that I can also build such things.HCI and robotics is exciting.Thanks to the research by Jeff Hann, Jhonny lee and Pranav mistry’s team.

With this system

  • one can paint onto any surface by drawing in Mid-air.
  • Play video games on any surface
  • Use your mobile phone on any surface
  • In palm projection (still under development)
  • Pick and place photos on your projected photo album as you naturally pic and place objects
  • Use google earth for GPS and weather info
  • Rotate and zoom pics or videos like the minority report interface
  • Windows can be operated in a multi-touch mode.

Better applications can be made with more time,effort and resources.Right now it is not as good as Pranav mistry’s device but this is my attempt.

In palm projection of cell-phone dialer app.

In palm projection of GPS app

Technical report here:


40 Responses to “My version of the sixth sense device ,I call it “Virtual Interactive Projected Surface””

  1. sandeepeecs Says:

    OMG awesome man !!

    all the best bro
    keep up the good work..

  2. G Says:

    Will you publish the source code for this ?

  3. krishna Says:

    mama this is amazing
    jus cant wait to see it in person..u rock!!

  4. sanjay srikanth nekkanti Says:

    awesome man πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymus Says:

    Cooooooooooooool man !!!!!
    This is what i call rocking !!
    Why dont you give a small practical demonstration for all of us…it would be exciting!

  6. Sandeep Says:

    Im now more than proud to be a IIITan!!!Seeing the video of Pranav Mistry I was seeing this I’m shocked!!!!!Would be awesome if the video is clearer.Could you demonstrate it to us …(Actually waiting for it).
    You really proved the standard of IIIT.

  7. sujeeth Says:

    It is a great attempt. It is time to have iiit-h version of sixth sence.

  8. Hanumanth Rao Says:

    Amazing dude.. keep researching..

  9. Ranu Says:


  10. Sudhir Gupta Says:

    Well done and all the best. You should make it as a final product

  11. Tarun Says:

    This is Awesome…. You make every IIITian feel Proud…. Hatsoff to you….. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ Best Of Luck for further reaserches….

  12. chitrangada Says:

    omg..!! Its Awesome…

  13. Abhijit Kundu Says:

    Nice work dude..

  14. vbsowmya Says:

    Nice to know this. Keep working πŸ™‚
    Good to see a IIITian doing this!

  15. sandeepeecs Says:

    bro where is the link to the source code bro did u prepare some documentation of something ??

    awesome man really awesome ..
    great work..

  16. Sriram Says:

    Great job . Keep going !

  17. Sainath Gupta Says:


  18. Vinay Says:

    Its great man!!! keep it up…………..

  19. Harshad Says:

    This is what we call awesum…..Can you have a public demonstration as Pranav Mistry had??

  20. Subhash Says:

    Cool work dude. Hope to see fully functional sixth sense device soon.

  21. rakesh reddy Says:

    u really done a grt work!!!!!
    keep working…………
    Good Luck 4 ur further researches!!!!!!!

  22. SaiGo Says:

    Great Stuff. Lot of people just admired Pranav’s work. I am glad you did something about it. Good going. I wish you all the best.

  23. Sandeep Says:

    It’s amazing.Best of Luck

  24. Sundeep Says:


  25. IIIT Says:

    Really awesum man..u should hv patent it …..put it on you tube and other social website…u ll be recognised….and it will help u in doing further research…

  26. Ritu Says:

    great work…!! awsome..All the Best.

  27. Sam Says:

    Good effort man!! I, like others, also would like a demonstration…All the best for further work.

  28. Tejas Parekh Says:

    Good Work!!!

    You can really achieve some thing big by extending this project.

    Keep it up!!!

  29. maruti borker Says:

    Way to go man

  30. thelazydan Says:

    Good work dude.

  31. shiben Says:

    that is sick man! awesome!
    good luck carrying it forward πŸ™‚

  32. Teja Vadhri Says:

    Good Work mama….

  33. archi Says:

    cool dude….


  34. Abuzar khan Says:

    Superb man! really u made iiitian proud and something unbeatable!!!

  35. Abuzar khan Says:

    its really exciting n awesome! plz.make demo at least for 10min. on sunday problem though it’s in preliminary stage(prototype).

  36. Aman Bahl Says:

    Awesome attempt

  37. Aman Bahl Says:

    Awesome attempt…………very good

  38. Binoy menon Says:

    Gr8 attempt …. really awesome

  39. Jharana Says:

    Its awesome dude!! Best of luck for ur futher research

  40. Chaitanya Bhardwaj MNK Says:

    Excellent man………..Great….Improvise….Hearty wishes.

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