Alaskan glaciers and global warming

Some research works now say that one major cause of global warming is because of methane gas.Some sources of methane gas are located at the base of the river bed.Now some rivers in Alaska have seen glaciers breaking of with ice melting at a faster rate than ever before.This could be becuase of the localized emanation of methan gas from the surrounding rivers.This is also contributing to the rise in sea level.Scientists are warning that this is like a natural time bomb just ticking.

Alaksan glacier by side of a river

Alaksan glacier by side of a river

Now these glaciers melt and add water to river.The ice cover has been measured now and compared to that of the last 10 years.And the amount of melt down is alarming.The scientist even collected methan sample from the river into plastic bags.Now they can be analized in the lab to estimate the % of methan in it.Also they said that not many people knew or estimated at what alarming rates it would be adding to the global warming?As a simple test to confirm the presence of methane they lit it up with some fire and it did burn vigorously.(Thus confirming methane).Some also estimate that one major source of methane is decomposing cow dung which though a manure is adding the green house gas methane at high percentages to the atmosphere.


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