My Object Following robot

Hi, This is a project by me as a part of my Engineering course work.Special Thanks to Steven from Roborealm for providing his support in solving my queries.

About the project in short.The robot coommunicates wireless with the PC using Xbee modules.Used a wireless camera for live video feed.Use roborealm for image processing.Developed custom embedded hardware for the robot and the PC USB interface.Also I did develop a GUI software for controlling the robot.It has an API and used a PID for object tracking.

Developed this as a part of Final year project at CBIT under the guidance of Prof. Suresh Pabboju.

Future work:

Make the interface better.

Development Pics

picture-013 picture-0181picture-0171174054-small1

Me with Robot

Robot with Ball

Robot with Ball

Thanks to the Fast Image processing power of Roborealm

Here is the 2DOF tracking (the robot looks like a dog).

Here is the 3DOF tracking. (algorithm can be improved further to fully exploit the differential drive)

Added 10th Nov 2012:

The image processing related to color filtering and object tracking was handled by the high level modules of Roborealm.

An equivalent opencv code was also done. The design,chases and the embedded system including the PID tracking and motion control code was custom developed.


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