Time travel…

June 26, 2018

One note about time travel. Well one would always like to see how the world would look like 200-300 years from now, what new gadgets would be invented, basically how the canvas of life would be 200-300 years from now and would there be time travel in the future. Well I feel sad that I would not be alive to see all this and that itself is a cause for depression but this remarkable thing about time travel if it gets invented, one need to be alive till time travel is invented. If at any point in time time travel does get invented then it would should be present throughout the entire time, even time before it was invented because it is about traveling through time, it would be present all along the length of time, if you imagine take as a ruler then it would be there even from marking zero and no matter how long the ruler is you could always get there..So time travel is a hope for life beyond the limited period of one being born and one dying. So if one time travels can one say one lives forever? The answer is both yes and no. Because you can move all along all the ruler (the physical instrument to measure length) of time but if you do a scalar sum of the instances/periods you spend when you stopped traveling each time then that would be a limited period. Say I live for 20 years in the years1900-1920, then another 20 years in the years 2300-2320, another 30 in years 3400-3430 and you die in 3430 because your life expectancy with your aging/diseased body is 20+20+30 = 70 years you might say I was alive from the year 1900 till the year 3430 and experience life to see all the inventions, cultural changes etc from 1900 to3430  you dint live for 3430 -1900 = 1530 years but lived for only 70 years. The example was a bit sparse in timing but say you spent 1 hour in each month from 1900 (the year you were born) and after you spend an hour in the current month you immediately time traveled to the next immediate month spent, another hour in the next month and you keep doing till all these one hours add upto 70 years in life then how many years and till what year did you live? Let me calculate that, 70 years x 365 days x 24 hours = 613200 hours is the total time for which you can be alive. And you spend 12 hours a year living that year then it is 6132000/12 = 51,100 years for which you are alive and you die in the year 1900+51,100= 53,000. Now since you experienced life each month continuously in this example it is not as sparse as the previous example and in a way you can say I lived for 51,100 years not just 70 i.e you can outlive your life expectancy with time travel. (If one says oh, I can give you a better example, I am smarter than you, I say I live 1 second each month and time travel to the next month and live another second then I live much longer…but the philosophical question is are you experiencing life in these years, it is the same philosophical difference between a digital and an analog signal, what would be your delta (incremental difference) at which you will approximate a digital signal to a near analog signal…


Are we lonely in this universe…?

June 26, 2018

When I used to look at the sky in the night when I was a kid and even now, especially when I visited the Birla planetarium here in Hyderabad where they would show pictures of the milky way galaxy, I thought all those stars, there must be other people out there in the universe otherwise this universe is too beautiful to just be lonely. Humanity cannot be the only race in this vast beautiful universe. Though there are people on this planet family, friends and relatives I feel lonely..lonely from the stand point that are there no intelligent beings out there in the universe whose civilization and culture we can experience. I do not know if I would be alive till the time our human civilization discovers other intelligent humanoid civilizations in other parts of our galaxy and other galaxies. If I could time travel and live there then I would rather have a girl friend and marry someone from another planet (more advanced beings who withstood the test of time, have the understanding and unity to survive and proliferate as a race together, advanced in science, engineering, technology, gadgets that we have never seen) so that I can experience their culture and technology. (Just trying to be sarcastic) I wonder why always people quote of alien sightings in the fart desert regions like arizona in the US, do aliens only visit US? do they not visit places like India, are there are no people here? Internet is filled with fake alien sightings and UFOs from other developed countries, is India too boring for aliens to visit?(laughing to myself). Well laughs apart I would definitely like to meet an advanced race who withstood that test of time so that they can teach us how people from different parts of the world here can unite together to form a super civilization that would end obstacles to human race like death, geographical boundary based racism, boundaries marked by language and religion, disease like TB/fungal infections which make people look dark,inactive,dumb etc (more about that later in another blog), bad politics and politicians. The most pressing question which I have been feeling depressed of is why were we made, did they come across their creators, do they know the answer to why people with consciousness (consciousness which questions about their own existence and purpose in this vast universe, why we were made, were we not made to enjoy life, if we are here to experience life and good things about it then why there is disease and ill health like TB and erectile dysfunction,lack of libido in my case and why am I genetically not handsome, why a portion of the people is handsome/beautiful and other’s aren’t)…All these pressing questions I want to ask and find an answer to from their creators or creators of our humanity….

Anti gravity levitation

June 25, 2018

Now mass causes gravitational pull. For example Einstien said that planets like earth curl the space around them, imagine a cloth stretched across and you put a metal ball in it and this would bend the cloth and the same ways matter bends the space around it and causes gravitational pull. If that is the case then can non-matter cause gravitational repulsion. More is the mass more is the gravitational pull and absence of mass can it cause repulsion. The answer could be yes as the universe is expanding and what is causing it to expand is the dark energy or the repulsion caused by anti-matter. So can we make an anti matter producer which makes high density anti matter that would repel mass. Now imagine we fit this in a vehicle and due to this repulsion we would achieve anti-gravity lift. Another aspect is how would we control such a complicated machine. From quite few years we see BCI(brain control interface) devices controlling robotic arms etc but they look for pulses of electrical activity in the brain which form when we imagine motion in brain but that has some disadvantages that it has a training phase and is slower. But can we make BCI devices which can directly image our thought. Right now there is such technology that people have used MRIs and were able to image what the brain is seeing. Now if we compact this MRI technology into a small helmet (today we have apps with BCI head bands that can image our dreams) and see what the brain imagines then a thought of the space craft lifting into the air can be used to navigate a machine like a space craft. Also if we create a space time bubble around the craft then the people in the craft would not experience any G-Force no matter with how much speed it would appear for people outside the space time bubble that the craft is accelerating at great speeds or even making abrupt maneuvers. I guess a space time bubble would also happen if we can make an anti matter reactor. As matter through time gives an impression of time then what about anti matter. Can anti matter make time travel possible?

Anti gravity levitation, travel through a space time bubble and mind controlled space craft

June 24, 2018

More on this tomorrow….

Remote sub conscious Imaging and Dreams as portal to brain

June 24, 2018

I was thinking what if we can develop machines  that can do remote sub conscious imaging. Right now there are devices through which we can image what the brain sees and holds. If you dream we can image that now but why can we say like to this without attaching any device to the brain, cant we remotely observe the images that form in the mind’s eye and use it as a form of probe and cognitive conditioning. If we can image what the brain is thinking and see’s then can use it for medical diagnosis for understanding ailments that are plaguing a diseased body, or say we can know a person’s thoughts and if some thoughts are affecting that person’s state of mind in a bad way we can understand what those are like we can see a movie of whats inside the brain and condition it to make it more pleasant. What if we can not only download thoughts this way but remotely induce dreams and update knowledge i.e educate a person of a topic in science, increase his/her skills, know how about a topic be it art, science (engineering in particular). Can we also use dreams as portals to talk to the thoughts already embedded in the mind. Can we develop satellites which do the above thing and condition an entire population of the planet. Would be one hell of a leap in medicine, psychology, education, psychiatry and many fields. I wonder if there is a place where my job can just be to think and work towards such things. Sometimes original thought may always not be possible like sometimes there has to be an input from somewhere in real life so that we can manifest it, engineer it into something better. To simply put it let me give you one example when humanity looked at birds they though why we cannot fly like them, why not engineer machines which allow us to fly like birds in the air, why not take the aerodynamic shape of birds to engineer bodies of planes and so I am just guessing if someone saw a UFO then that person would have thought about anti-gravitation mechanism, some of them using fuel like planes,  helicopters, rockets and some in the future might use anti matter reactor to just levitate like an alien UFO spacecraft, travel at the speed of light through space time bubbles, having maneuvering capabilities like one cannot even do with existing flying machines like abrupt accelerations, abrupt 90 degree turns etc. One will have to dream it, manifest it or be fortunate enough to capture an alien craft that crash landed on earth, all thoughts would need some form of input from observation in present. Hey some people say hiding the true source might become an original thought. Not always.

Why not have a super society of knowledge that can propel humanity to 200-300 years into the future?

June 24, 2018

I have been thinking for a while instead of just suffering for basic needs like good medical help/diagnosis/health, good food, a comfortable place to live, some money, need of sex there should be a place where I can forgot about all these basic worries and just imagine, engineer and innovate and put my effort into propelling humanity 200,300 years forward? Can we have such a super society. Can we dare to think beyond what the level of current technology is and even movies on science fiction and provide original thought and innovate towards safe guarding and propelling humanity into the future for next 200-300 years or may be more. To start with I think we need to assess our selves in the basic levels of the Maslow’s triangle and meet those basic needs so that our mind is free from the basic needs of life and that we can stop worrying about such basic needs and think and occupy our minds towards the future like interplanetary societies, space travel between galaxies, life without death, anti gravity levitation and propulsion using anti matter reactors and some things which we cant even imagine now. Can we gear up to have a safe future for humanity…?

For reference here is the Maslow’s Hier archy of needs

Reference : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs


Meds for erectile dysnfunction make my intestines feel better

June 24, 2018

My andrologist/urologist gave me meds for erectile dysfunction (in the name of efil tablet -Tadalafil) and one dosage of Testosterone injection. It brought my libido to some extent for the first  days but nothing much happened later. I dont get proper erections and maintaining an erection past 2 minutes is difficult but that is not my focus of discussion here. Surprisingly when I took Tadalafil it felt like it made my lower abdomen (intestines to the reproductive systems back to life). I do not know how this medicine works but it increased the blood flow to my lower abdomen by a bit. With this the itching on the abdomen reduced, gastric trouble reduced and I was able to shit without constipation in the morning. But doctor advised me to take two tablets per weeks spaced with 3 days.  Since it improved the blood flow to intestines, made my digestion better and greatly reduced the discomfort in the lower abdomen I took a tablet immediately the next day after the first tablet and I felt better in my abdomen. It is as if the internal flesh in the lower abdomen finds it difficult to move with the diaphragm with I breath but after I took tadalafil my lower abdomen came back to life and the motion of diaphragm felt better.I could literally feel it. Then I took just one tablet the 3rd day and 2 the 4th day and since it was making me feel better I took 3 the 5th day. I took the increased dosage because it was making me pass stools without constipation. Such a feeling also came when he put me on antibiotics earlier with b12 dosage. The interesting observation I made is by either taking antibiotics with B12 or tadalafil my lower abdomen comes back to life and I am able to pass stools properly. Otherwise it feels like a block of gas is obstruction the flow of stools or digested food from my stomach through the intestines etc because of which I was unable to pass stools properly. Even eating proper amount of food is a hell. Such discomfort also reduced when the doctor put me on Anti Tubercular meds earlier as he said I had TB in my urinary track. Not only urinary track but I have the problem in my intestines, I has horrific gastric trouble earlier which reduced a lot when I took the anti tubercular meds but now it has come back. The same kind of blockage I feel in my intestines. The gas collects somewhere in my abdomen and it does not pass nor it allows the flow of other food / digested matter past it. Somehow the antibiotics (azithromycin, tobromycin, levofloxacin, anti tubercular meds with B12  injection and tadalafil) improve the health of my intestines ortherwise I feel as if a rock is there in my lower abdomen blocking everything, the itching on the skin etc etc the pics of which I showed in my earlier posts. Is this latent TB? Why are the doctors not able to cure my gastric, digestion, urinary and reproductive system problems or properly listen to it in the first place? This problem started as IBS in 2003 with loss of libido which I suffered for 8 years. Got antitubercular meds which solved the problem of IBS greatly not fully but did not restore my libido.

Need for hormonal supplement testosterone

June 9, 2018

I was speaking to my “psychiatrist” (air quotes)  regarding my low testosterone level and he was not surprised at all. He says in my treatment I have never come across patients complaining about low sexual drive because of the psychiatric meds he gives but I have read lot of patient experiences where people have said that due to psychiatric meds their libido (Sex drive) has hit an all time low in their live and they feel chemically castrated. My urologist/andrologist says I need testosterone injections but after a period of 6 months of antibiotics for my Urinary track infection. One more thing is my psychiatrist has said that he would suggest testosterone injection only “after” (air quotes} I get married like there is no need of sex drive before a person gets married and as if there is no need for a person to get sexually aroused even if he/she is in a relation or not in a relation before marriage. Weird thing about how these doctors think of sex drive and relations in people in India. People in developed countries can get engaged in sexual activities before marriage with or without a partner and their society supports that and they have that freedom but psychiatirc doctor’s like Mayurnath Reddy feel there is no such need at all for people like me living in India. He implies there is no need of any sexual drive. I am beginning to wonder if sexual attraction is the power that has driven the world to what it is today and is one of the basic needs (even indicated in Maslow’s heir-archy of needs) what would happen if in countries where it is low due to genital infections and such doctors failing to understand its importance and supporting it…?

Movie metaphors

May 29, 2018

I have had the pleasure to know a brilliant cognitive science professor at IIIT-H where I did my Masters. He has worked on metaphors but here is my email to him today”


I dont understand why the movies in Hollywood (famous and may not be famous) connect to some metaphors and thoughts which relate to our very existance. Every time when I am watching a movie I feel that metaphor,I think I should pen it down as I am watching the movie and tell it to you. I feel I have missed a great thing in life is that to have intelligent discussion of movie metaphors but people will think it is a cray topic, I dont even know if my earlier mail was found in good thought to you. Movies are crazy, metaphors are further crazy. If you take the experience if chronically sick people, people about to die or psychiatric patients etc and find a way to translate these metaphors in some other dimension visually, dialogues wise and a parallel but different translation of that real life experience to a parallel experience in a movie which could be how people speak to each other in a scene or convey a audio-visual experience that invokes that basic metaphor then it will creep the hell out of the person who experience that in his life. It is an intelligent thing to do but why such metaphors are being conveyed.

For example let me convey an idea/question that I had from a long time and for which I also had the answer but saw this in a recent movie called Annhilation. Now for example many people want to live forever. Now as people age they become old and the body begins to die and ultimately it dies after a slow process, some people are lucky their death process through inconvenience and discomfort is fast. But say in the future by some means we are able to replicate the human body through process of genetic bio mirrors that we have in the form of cloning. Ok we have a physical shape now and now let say one guy says now lets just copy the memory from his brain and upload into this. Then after this he says there you go, I am able to make you live longer but actually it is a failure no matter if you copy the thoughts and put it into a physically mirrored being (which is a product of cloning) you have not actually extended the life of the person. Now an immediate way to disprove this is say you have more than two clones with both the brains of the clones having copied memories from the original dead person, then who is the real one. Who is the real extension. For the external world (for familes and friends) they seem to be the same person but not for the one who died. Unless we can mirror the soul, the consciousness of the same mind connected to the cloned bodies till then we cannot have life extension. Say my brain feels the presence of my body and if it can parallely at the same time feels its presence in the other physical body till then we cannot say we have achieved life extension. People might ask how to do this. Well I dont know may be though quantum entanglement of all the atoms from the neurons of the dying body to that of the new cloned body and make the consciousness reverberate through both the physical bodies..Only this movie annhilation seems to describe this experience in the end but I do not know if the author has understood this question and thus try to portray it metaphorically……..”

Right to Die

May 23, 2018

People should have the right to die painlessly and peacefully if they choose to end their life. And drugs to do so should be available in medical shops without the need for prescription. All my life I have had urinary track problem and that episode of molestation when I was a kid by the servant maid at my Grandma’s place. I think these urinary track infections started from that episode in childhood or may be earlier. This discomfort became a part of my life, I could not express as I was not aware as I was a kid, always difficult in urination or over urination (increased frequency) etc etc. i could not wear an inner upper garment since I was in my school because I would get at itch on the skin and face lot of discomfort. Now when this becomes chronic it brings a change in the behavior, makes one more irritable and I had/have problems concentrating in class during my studies, mood swings and other problems. Now I did not have sex till now except the childhood servant maid molestation episode and I do not know if I can have one in the future. There is always pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen and I think I have a case of hypogonadism and yeah I want to have the Right to Die. I dont want painful methods like go against a bus on the road or the train, hang my self, consume poison which is again painful but on the same time I do not want this life of discomfort. I have been running around doctors since 2003 but I have not been at peace with my health. And this testosterone problem worsened because of the psychiatric meds, I have gained weight, I have lost hair (always had lesser hair on my head compared to the other guys of my age), no sex drive and I am facing other problems that are found in cases of men with low testosterone (even behaviorally). Yeah I want to have the Right to Die. I dont want people’s sympathy but a solution to my physical and mental discomfort. (fuck people who talk about Yoga and meditation, homeopathy and ayurveda).